Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hello world! My name is Bridget and I am married to an amazing woman named Julie who is my Mistress. We spent the first half of our 32 year marriage as a fairly normal couple but we definitely explored and were open sexually. A few 3sums with men led to the discovery that she loved being with other men, and really enjoyed men who were well endowed. Let's just say that my endowment is perfect for a sissy but not so much for pleasing women. The final step to us becoming a cuckold couple was when I admitted a very strong desire to dress in feminine clothes and that I wanted to dress fully with makeup and a wig. Once Mistress saw me dressed she was stunned at how feminine I looked and especially acted, everything changed. She declared that if I wanted to be a girl that things were going to change. We love each other so she didnt want to end our marriage but seeing me that way made her change in her sexual feelings towards me and that if I wanted to continue to do this, that I would have to become her submissive and I agreed to it all. 

Soon came training which was intense but delicious. Daily sessions with her making me worship her feet and ass while she would tell me what a sissy and pussy I was and how my cock was too small to please her. I was made to do all the house work and cleaning usually just wearing panties and a bra and sometimes with her whipping me as I was on my knees cleaning a toilet or something like that. I could feel myself changing and letting go of my male side and she told me every day to do that and embrace being a sub sissy and nothing more. She eventually needed a man so she found a Bull on Craigslist and that only made everything change even more. He told her to put me into full time chastity and not to allow me to orgasm like a male. He become her lover and he was incredible. He was everything in a man that I was not. Tan, hairy chested, muscular, lean, so rugged, and his cock? OMG his cock was over twice the size of mine in length and thickness. He made her feel things she had never felt with me and since I met her when she was a virgin she didnt know what she was missing. Now she had it and there was no going back. 

He also trained me and started doing the punishment portion too. If I talked back or argued with Mistress she would tell him about every thing I did wrong and he would cuff my hands behind my back, then cuff my feet, push me onto the bed or over a couch and spank me so hard that I would actually sometimes cry. Mistress said how wet she would get watching him spank me and seeing me cry that he started doing it just to get her excited. Sometimes my ass would be sore for days after. But all of that training and punishment changed me forever. I became so effeminate and submissive that I would have to watch how I behaved at work and around customers and even friends. I have learned t balance it well but I wear feminine things under my male clothes every day. Panties are a given of course but stockings and garter and a bra or tight fitting camisole. That combined with the full time chastity was and still is so delicious every day and they all remind me that I am not a man and really never was. I just faked it well enough t land one of the most beautiful women any man could ever have. And now other men have her often but not me. I am only allowed to eat her ass and pussy if her current lover allows that at all. One man she saw for over 5 years would only allow me to hold her hand, kiss her cheek but not lips, and to worship her feet. Her pussy was his and her ass was off limits too.   This all started in 2003 and we are now in our 16th year of a D/s marriage, cuckolding, and full time chastity and I could not be happier. I look forward to chronicling all of this in this blog and hope t meet like minded men and women here.  My pictures are below and these were taken on Valentine's day when one of her lovers brought me a teddy bear as a present and then fucked Mistress for hours while I served them, watched and of course cleaned up. More to come!